M4 MY4SONS 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer Review

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Hand spraying weed killer can be frustrating. A backpack sprayer is a useful device for gardeners as it’s convenient, comfortable to use, and also easy to maintain. It allows them to spray water, herbicide, and insecticide to a large area with ease.

You can use the backpack sprayers not only for weed killing but also to wash off the exterior of your house. So, we have come up with a review of the backpack sprayer model which is M4 MY 4 SONS sprayer to make your life a little easier and get the jobs done faster.

The Features of M4 MY4SONS Backpack Sprayer

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Shopping for gardening tools can be time-consuming as the overwhelming number of products available in the market. All the backpack sprayers seem to promise the same things.

There are so many beneficial features that will make your gardening more enjoyable and hassle-free for you. So, before you decide to buy this product, let’s have an in-depth look at its features to ensure it’s the right item for you.


The dimension of the product is 23 x 8 x 16 inches with a weight of 13 pounds which means it could feel bulky after extensive use, yet comfortable to use. The size of the tank is 4 gallons which are good enough to treat quite large areas, for up to 8 hours.

Overall, the design of the tank is quite practical as the tank opening is wide and you can easily refill it. Also, the design makes the cleaning and maintaining easy as a breeze. Moreover, it has a locking trigger for continuous spraying.


Like most models, the sprayer has a pressure of 60 psi to easily use it for targeting distant trees and branches. It can spray up to 25 feet in a variable pattern, from fine mist to long-distance jet. You can change the pressure by using the dial. The power of the M4 is without any doubt the top feature.


The battery life of this sprayer is long-lasting with up to 6-8 hours on a single battery charge. It comes with a 12V 8Ah battery that provides 4X the battery life of other lithium battery sprayers. There is a fully automatic AC charger included that fully charges the battery in 8 hours. Also, it has a battery-life indicator to let you know when it’s going to stop working.

Wands and Nozzles

The M4 equipped with both stainless steel wand and acid bleach wand. The wand can be adjusted from 6 inches to 35 inches to get the job done easier. Also, there are several nozzles in the package. The brass nozzle is adjustable and will last longer than a plastic nozzle.


The price of the MY 4 SONS is much affordable compared to the other high-quality backpack sprayers on the market. However, it doesn’t compromise the overall quality of this. If you think getting a convenient priced unit is difficult then this bad boy will prove you wrong. It’s currently priced less than 200$ on Amazon.


Overall, this is a high-quality sprayer, but there are some minor drawbacks that you should also consider. One demerit of the product is its durability which seems to be an issue. If you’re planning to use the product regularly or you have a larger property then this isn’t the perfect choice for you.

Another minor drawback is the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are too shorts for taller persons, so they might find wearing the backpack a bit uncomfortable. The reason why I said the problem is minor because you may get an extra hose extension that will help you to keep the sprayer off your back during every use.

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Q) Does this unit come with both a battery and its own charger?

Ans. Yes, it comes with a 12V 8Ah battery and an AC charger.

Q) Why did they use a sealed lead acid battery instead of Lithium?

Ans. The reason why they choose sealed lead acid battery (SLA) rather than lithium is because the SLA is significantly cheaper and easier to find.

Q) Does the charger work with both 220 and 110v?

Ans. Yes, but keep in mind that it doesn’t work with 240v.

Q) How far can I spray with this?

Ans. The spray distance with the right nozzles can be up to 25 feet.


The main purpose of our review is to ease the path for you and help you make sensible purchases. If you want to buy a backpack sprayer that is motorized with solid power, then MY 4 SONS is a perfect choice for you.

Though it may not be a perfect product as this sprayer isn’t for heavy-duty use, however, it has numerous advantages. We believe that, this sprayer will definitely address your needs if you don’t need a sprayer for heavy-duty applications.

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