How to Clean a Garden Sprayer

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Garden sprayers are convenient tools to get a lot of work done on your lawn, yards, and well – gardens. You’ll have more control over the number of pesticides or herbicides you induce in your plants as you cultivate them to be healthy and fruitful, depending on what you grow.

These tools are a gardener’s companion and making sure you don’t get to waste money from buying one after another, you must know how to maintain them properly. In this article, we are going to discuss how to clean a garden sprayer.

How to Clean a Garden Sprayer Step by Step Guide:

Here’s your step by step guide on how to clean a garden sprayer.

Clean out the Tank

Planning is key, as much as possible, only put in the right amount of formula or chemical on your garden sprayer. It’s not only efficient but also easy to clean later on. If you don’t have any excess amount of formula then you don’t have much to dump now that you’re about to clean it out of the tank.

Empty the tank of your garden sprayer first. And dump content responsibly.

(Herbicides are approved to be sprayed twice)

Clean the Sprayer

After dumping the content of your garden sprayer, you can now clean it. A simple soap and water solution should enable you to clean the body of the sprayer.

Take note though that some sprayers or chemicals you put in it might have special instructions. If they do then follow the instructions accordingly.

Rinse and Flush

Rinse your sprayer. Flush it with hot water.

Fill the tank until it’s half full. Then spray the hot water through the sprayer until all the water in the tank has been used up. Again make sure to spray the water in safe locations. As much as possible away from areas accessible to your children & pets, also from water sources.

Add in Ammonia

Use an ammonia-based cleaning solution. This to flush the wand and the nozzle. Used a 1 oz. per 1 liter formula and again, fill the tank halfway and spray it using the garden sprayer to clean it thoroughly.

Ammonia is effective for most herbicides. Commercial tank cleaners are also recommended.

Finishing Touches

The last few steps are to ensure that everything you just did don’t go to waste.

Leave your garden sprayer overnight with the solution inside the tank about halfway full. This should make sure that the solution works on the residue thoroughly.

The next day, spray the remaining solution to again clean the nozzle until it is empty. Lastly, flush the garden sprayer again with hot water.

Very simple yet effective steps to make sure your garden sprayer stays clean and safe for everyone and everything you work on.

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As a finishing note, make sure to wear proper cleaning gear to protect yourself while cleaning your garden sprayer. Most often than none, you’ll be handling harmful substances so protect your face with a mask and your hands with gloves. Don’t forget to change clothes too and wash them accordingly.

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