Best Garden Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide [2024]

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Gardening 101: always be one step ahead of weeds, pests, and everything that threatens your plants’ health. You’re already on the right track by getting a new garden sprayer. It’s a very important tool in caring for your growing garden.

However, having a green thumb and a garden sprayer is not enough. You need to have the best garden sprayer to back you up. Truth is, there are a lot of garden sprayers available in the market. They may all look the same but they vary in so many different ways, and there’s always the right one for you.

Good news – we went over those sprayers and put together the top 11. You don’t have to worry about keeping tabs on the sprayers and their descriptions anymore, we’ve narrowed it down for you so you can get the latest one in a breeze.

Keep reading to find out which garden sprayer is the most beneficial to you.

Comparison Chart

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Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer, 4 Gallon,
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EVIKA DO EVER BETTER Handheld Pump Garden and Lawn Sprayer
Field King 190571 Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump Zero Technology Sprayer, 2 Gallon, White
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Smith Contractor 190216 2-Gallon Sprayer for Weed Killers, Herbicides, and Insecticides
31m0y2cTe5L. SL160
Chapin 20541 1 Gallon Lawn, 1 Pack, Translucent White
41qsoN8m UL. SL160
SOLO 418 2 Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer
TABOR TOOLS 1.3 Gallon Lawn and Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer
41jpTtiPsVL. SL160
Chapin International 26021XP Compression Sprayer, 2 Gallon
Smith Performance Sprayers R200 2-Gallon Compression Sprayer
413q9vxd3 L. SL160
ITISLL Portable Garden Pump Sprayer Brass Wand Shoulder Strap for Yard Lawn Weeds Plants 1Gal
31hoZUGa3LL. SL160
SOLO 430-2G Farm & Landscape

Top 11 Best Garden Sprayer Reviews

1. Field King Professional 190328 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer


If you’re looking to have a garden sprayer that you can carry around while doing your thing, you wouldn’t want it to be leaking on your shirt. Plus, that wastes the solution you could’ve sprayed to your plants. With getting the Field King Professional 190328, you’ll surely make the most out of every drop.

This backpack sprayer can hold 4 gallons of your mixture which is enough to accommodate small-medium sized gardens. It also comes with 4 nozzles that you can switch around depending on how precise you want your solutions to expel.

Since you’re carrying around a tank, you need to be able to move freely and comfortably. This sprayer has an adjustable padded strap so you won’t feel the tension on your shoulders. Then when you don’t feel like holding the wand, you can just clip it on top of the tank and you’re good to go. The wand also has a superior shut-off which means there’s no room for leakage.

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  • No leak pump design
  • Has wand storage
  • Can hold 4 gallons
  • Can accommodate 150 PSI


  • May need frequent pumping to maintain pressure
  • Weighs 50lbs when full

2. EVIKA DO EVER BETTER Handheld Pump Garden and Lawn Sprayer

41zOKOIczVL. SL500

The EVIKA DO EVER BETTER Handheld Pump Garden and Lawn Sprayer boasts a 0.4-gallon capacity ideal for various treatments including plant misting, alcohol sterilization, cleaning tasks indoors and outdoors, pet bathing, and vehicle wash.

The sprayer has adjustable nozzles designed to deliver everything from a strong stream to a fine mist, allowing complete coverage of plants. Extra convenience is provided by a transparent tank with a volume scale for checking and accurate refilling, and a locking handle, making continual spraying comfortable.

The sprayer is made from robust HDPE material, with a distinctive stainless lever and ergonomic handle for durability and ease of use. This high-quality tool is also versatile, proving useful for cleaning tasks, pet bathing, and alcohol sterilizing. Finally, it comes with a one-year quality assurance for worry-free usage.


  • The sprayer is cost-effective and offers excellent performance for its price.
  • It exhibits exemplary flexibility with an adjustable nozzle for different spraying needs.
  • The product’s handheld design ensures precision, and it’s easy to operate.
  • It comes with a large capacity of 1.5L.
  • Users appreciate the sturdiness and durability, as well as its intuitive design.
  • It features a built-in pressure release valve for user safety.


  • The sprayer may be more suitable for small yards or apartments, but its outstanding flexibility makes it versatile.
  • Users would be more satisfied if there was a more straightforward mechanism for the trigger lock, although, this feature adds to safety and convenience.
  • The commitment to performance and easy upkeep may require occasional cleaning to prevent clogs. Nevertheless, users generally report that it is easy to maintain.

3. Field King 190571 Battery Powered Pump Zero Technology Sprayer

When looking for a top rated garden sprayer, you may want to consider getting a unit that eliminates manual labor. This third sprayer on our list may just be what you’re looking for. It’s a battery-powered sprayer which means you can skip the task of having to pump your unit before you can use it. This is time-saving.

This sprayer is lightweight and can carry up to 2 gallons of liquid which is best pump sprayer for small gardens. It has a consistent pressure of 20 PSI that’s good enough to spray nearby plants.

The battery is rechargeable and can spray up to 12 full tanks. However, if you use it continuously, users have reported 45-minute battery life. That time is just enough to go around a small garden.

The unit comes with 4 nozzles which gives you the same control and versatility as the first 2 sprayers we’ve listed. It also has a wand with an in-line filtration system which can also prevent clogging. Since this unit sprays automatically, you will need extra help when it comes to precision.

The Field King 190571 ensures this by designing their wand to have superior shut-off to which prevents hand fatigue.


  • Automatic Pump
  • Rechargeable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • 45-minute battery life
  • Spray length is shorter

4. Smith Contractor 190216 2gal Sprayer


If you have a small garden, this puts you in a tight spot wherein you get torn between choosing a large tank and a handheld sprayer. You wouldn’t need a large tank because a small one can do the job, but if you get a small one, you will need to go back for refills often.

We get it and so does the Smith Contractor 190216. It’s a handheld sprayer that can hold up to 2 gallons of mixture. Just enough to get your small garden covered.

The unit has a shoulder strap so you don’t have to worry about carrying it while going around your garden. It also has a commercial-grade shut-off valve to keep your spraying precise. Plus, it comes with a lock-on feature so you can spray continuously.

This unit is very compact and is best pump sprayer small-sized gardens. However, it’s best to note that the pressure depends on how you pumped the tank.

The more you pump, the higher the pressure. For this tank, you also need to watch out if the handle is securely closed. Some users have reported that pressure can escape through loose handles. It’s a preventable issue nonetheless.


  • Includes shoulder strap
  • Commercial grade shut-off with lock-on feature
  • Different spray pattern nozzles that are easy to clean


  • Pressure tends to escape
  • Pressure depends on how you pump

5. Chapin 20541- 1gal sprayer with foaming and adjustable nozzles


The Chapin 20541 is a lightweight compact  garden sprayer that is one of the best garden sprayer. If you just have a small garden, you’d be more comfortable holding around a garden sprayer than having it on your back.

This is one of the most affordable units available. It can carry 1 gallon and can pressurize up to 60 PSI which is more than enough for your home garden.

This unit may be relatively small but it has an in-tank filter which reduces the chances of clogs. On top of that, it has an easy-to-clean shut-off as it disassembles for maximum cleaning and prevents clogging. It has a 3-inch wide opening which is big enough to avoid spills.

However, some users have reported that the handle often loses the pressure. Thus, you might need to pump more often. However, if you’re not going to use it for long periods, it shouldn’t be a problem.


  • In-tank Anti-Clog Filter
  • 3-inch wide mouth
  • Assembly shut-off


  • Handle lock loosens
  • Lacks Pressure Relief Valve

6. Solo 418 one-hand pressure sprayer

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The Solo 418 is a handheld sprayer that makes indoor gardening much easier. It has a lock-on trigger which lessens the fatigue that comes from continuous spraying. The nozzle’s direction can be adjusted if you need to spray on hard to reach areas. A unique drift/drip guard is also attached to the nozzle which gives more accuracy and power when spraying.

Prior to use, this unit needs to be pumped 30 times. It may be specific and a lot but the unit is doing a good job in maintaining it. Apart from having the drift/drip guard, you can also adjust the spray pattern at the tip of the nozzle.

Users have reported that the direct stream mode may be too strong for small plants so just be cautious when using you have the spray on that mode. A strong stream is better than having weak streams all throughout.


  • Lock-on trigger
  • Unique Drift/Drip Guards
  • Multi-directional nozzle
  • Adjustable spray pattern


  • Needs to be pumped 30 times

7. TABOR TOOLS N-50 Lawn and Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer

The TABOR TOOLS N-50 is your go-to garden sprayer if you have a small garden and you want to lessen refilling time. It can carry 1.3 gallons of mixture which is enough to spray all of your plants, if not all. It’s lightweight, weighing 2.51 gallons when empty. It’s meant to be carried using the handle but TABOR TOOLS included shoulder straps so you can have an easier time.

The sprayer’s mouth is not as wide as others but it has a funnel top so you can still avoid spillage. You can also adjust the spray pattern at the tip of the nozzle so you can have better precision when spraying.

However, some users have reported that the unit clogs up easily and that pressure drops faster compared to others. Those are the downsides but if you only need to do a quick sprays on a small garden, this unit can do the job. You just have to clean it more often to avoid clogging.


  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Funnel top
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for caustic or acidic solutions
  • Clogs up easily
  • Pressure drops faster

8. Chapin International 26021XP Compression Sprayer, 2gal


Among the other small tank capacities, the Chapin International 26021XP stands out in usability. It has large handles that makes it easier for the big guys to carry around and it doesn’t need a lot of pumping to pressurize. Along with the handle, there’s a wand and hose clip so neither of them gets in the way when you’re moving around.

The unit has an anti-clog filter so you don’t have to worry about clogging. It comes with an adjustable nozzle so you can have full control of the spray pattern and have precision. It also has a lock-on feature so you continuously spray out water and reduce hand fatigue.

However, one thing that you should be aware of is that the handle and lid are attached together which means that in order to prevent pressure from escaping, you need to make sure the lid is tight.


  • Anti-Clog filter
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Lock-on feature


  • Need to ensure the lid is tight to have an airtight seal

9. Smith Performance Sprayers R200 2gal Compression Sprayer


Having to pump multiple times and too often can be tiring for any gardener. The Smith Performance Sprayer R200 compression sprayer has a highly efficient pump that only requires 25% fewer pumps. It also has lock-on feature to avoid hand fatigue from multiple trigger pulls. Plus, it has an in-line filtration system which prevents clogging as well.

The Smith R200 is also a lightweight tool which is great for small gardens as it holds up to 2 gallons of mixture. The unit includes 4 switchable nozzles so you can have a more accurate and precise spraying. This is considerably a very efficient sprayer compared to the others in the list. However, users have reported to experience residual leak from the wand so it’s best to be aware of the safety precautions.


  • Efficient pump
  • Lock-on feature
  • In-line filtration system


  • Residual leak on wand

10. ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer

413q9vxd3 L

If you want a handheld sprayer that’s lightweight and compact, we just might have what you’re looking for. This unit can hold up to 2 Liters of liquid which gives you enough to accommodate an indoor garden. It also has the features similar to the rest of the units in this list such as the anti-clog filter for clog prevention.

Another good thing to consider is that the unit has water-resistant seals which means it has lesser chances of leaking compared to some units.

Amazingly, this unit has adjustable nozzles and a pretty decent PSI which allows you to have a more precise spraying. It does have a lock-on feature which eliminates hand fatigue in using the trigger. This is your best option if you only have an indoor garden.

However, the package comes as is and doesn’t include a user’s manual. This poses an issue for some users but instructions are printed on the side of the bottle.


  • Adjustable nozzles
  • Lock-on feature
  • High liquid capacity
  • Water-resistant seals
  • Anti-clog filter


  • No instructions

11. Solo 430-2G 2-Gallon Farm and Garden Sprayer


If you’re looking for a bit lightweight but functional sprayer for a good price then the Solo 430-2G 2-Gallon Farm and Garden Sprayer is for you. It’s perfect for any spraying needs!

The Solo 430-2G 2-Gallon Farm and Garden Sprayer is perfect and convenient for small tasks like your lawn or garden. It’s well-built and ergonomic. Its capacity is enough for a decent amount of work to be done plus it’s easy to fill and clean with a large opening.

The wand which is 28” provides a superb extended reach so it should not put much strain on your back. Oh, and did we say that this sprayer especially its wand is super durable too?

he 4 nozzle options enable this product for multiple tasks making it versatile. And again, fatigue won’t be an issue with its fantastically designed valve. This one’s also killing it online so you should try it out!


  • 2-gallon capacity Solo Pressure Sprayer for your lawn and garden
  • Funnel top is easy to fill and super easy to clean with a large secondary opening
  • 28” unbreakable wand
  • Commercial shut-off valve comes with a lock-on or off feature
  • Infused with chemical resistant seals
  • 4 nozzle assortment


  • No instructions

Types of Garden Sprayers

To break it down, there are different types of garden sprayers you can choose from based on your needs and preferences. They differ mostly in how you use them and how they operate; but nonetheless, it’s one of the important factors when it comes to getting the right sprayer.

Gasoline / Battery Powered Sprayer

As the name suggests, this sprayer needs gasoline or battery to operate, depending on the model. Don’t let that set you off. This type can continuously spray out the liquid without needing to pump. Plus, this one typically has more liquid capacity than the others.

They can also be customized with different spray nozzles, hoses, etc. The thing is, this type is usually the more expensive option but with its power and functions, it’s a good investment.

Compression Sprayer

This is the most common you’ll find. This sprayer, unlike the first one, doesn’t need gasoline or battery to operate and it doesn’t continuously spray liquid to your garden. Gardeners need to pump the handle to pressurize the air inside the tank prior to use. However, as long as there’s still pressure and liquid, there’s no need to pump the tank. This type of sprayer allows you to calibrate the amount of liquid it will excrete.

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Handheld Sprayer

This type of sprayer is manually operated. You will need to pull the trigger to be able to spray liquid. Although some brands equip them with auto-lock triggers which is very helpful. This type of sprayer is usually used as is, point and spray.

This type is very compact which is best for smaller gardens or if you need to spray more precisely.

Backpack / Wheeled Sprayer

These types of sprayer either have straps attached to it  or have wheels underneath. They are usually compression types too. This option is best for gardeners with large tanks and large gardens because it allows room for maneuvering.

It’s also good to note that Backpack Sprayers usually has a lever type of pump. The Wheeled Sprayer is a good alternative for gardeners who have large tanks but can’t lift heavier weights due to arthritis, back problems, etc.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Garden Sprayer

In choosing a garden sprayer, each unit has its own pros and cons and it can be overwhelming to narrow it down to one. It’s mainly based on your needs and preferences, but to help you out even more, here are a few factors you may want to consider:

Tank Capacity

One of the most important factors in choosing a garden sprayer is its capacity. You need to consider if the tank can accommodate the size of your garden. You wouldn’t want to be refilling it once in a while. It makes you less efficient too.


Next is you need to choose how you want to move around with your garden sprayer. If you need a unit with a larger capacity, you may prefer the backpack or wheeled sprayers. This avoids strains and the hassle of dragging along heavy equipment. If you have a smaller garden, you can opt with the handheld sprays. This gives you more control too.


You need to factor in how you want to use your unit. If you’re okay with having to pump the sprayers every once in a while, you can go with the compression type or the handheld type. If you’d rather skip the pumping, you should consider getting the battery or gasoline-powered garden sprayers.


Lastly, when you’ve figured out the right tank capacity, your preferred way of carrying the unit, and how you want your unit to work, you will have to consider the nozzles. Your sprayer should have switchable nozzles so you don’t have to buy another sprayer just to get the type of nozzle you need

Which Garden Sprayer is Right For You

When it comes to this question, the right garden sprayer is the one you’re comfortable with using and can accommodate the size of your garden.

If you have a bigger garden, you may want a garden sprayer that has a large capacity. If your unit has a large tank, you may want it as a backpack or wheeled sprayer. You will need to evaluate the size of your garden and how you want to carry the unit.


What are the different types of nozzles?

Adjustable Poly and BrassNozzles – cone pattern spray that can be switched between a solid stream and fine mist.

High Volume Fan Nozzle – flat pattern spray that provides wide and broader coverage.

Low Volume Fan Nozzle – flat pattern spray used for narrow and precise expulsion.

Foaming Nozzle – best used to treat weeds and it leaves a mark to see where you have sprayed.

Are backpack garden sprayers comfortable?

Backpack sprayers usually have padded straps. If you can carry an average of 50lbs, everything should be fine.

How do I prevent/fix leakage?

  1. Make sure all connections are tight.
  2. Try cleaning and reattaching the gasket.
  3. Replace the ring if the leak is coming from the cap.
  4. Apply petroleum jelly on the gasket.

How do you properly clean a garden sprayer?

Make sure to release pressure before opening the sprayer, pour out all the contents then replace with water and dishwashing soap, put back the cover, shake well, and rinse. Spray a few times to clean the nozzle as well.

What should I spray and when?

Herbicides – for preventive measures, this chemical is best sprayed in late summer when weeds begin to grow. If weeds are already present, use as treatment.

Pesticides – should only be used when insects are present and be used sparingly for preventive measures.

How much pressure should a pump sprayer have?

The amount of pressure that a pump sprayer can exert depends on the type of pump that it uses. To give you an idea, centrifugal pumps can produce pressure between 5 to 150 PSI; diaphragm pumps can produce between 50 to 725 PSI; roller pumps can produce 50 to 300 PSI; and transfer pumps can produce 28 to 100 PSI.

How far do garden sprayers spray?

On average, garden sprayers can shoot fluids up to as far as ten feet. This is considered as a decent range among garden sprayers. Nevertheless, some sprayers have strong power sources that can spray fluids at up to 30 meters. This range is quite impressive and is useful in larger gardens or farms. 

Can you use a garden sprayer to stain a fence?

Yes. Because of the thin consistency of fence stains, you can safely apply it onto your fence with a garden sprayer. This is a lot more convenient than applying the stain by hand and would take a shorter period to finish. Make sure that your sprayer is around 10 inches away from the fence to coat it evenly. 

How much pressure should a pump sprayer have?

The pressure that a pump sprayer can exert depends on the type of pump used by the sprayer. Some garden sprayers use hand pumps, and this type of pump can produce up to 40 PSI. On the other hand, motorized pumps can produce pressure ranging between 5 and 150 PSI. 

What safety tips should be maintained while spraying with garden sprayer?

While spraying, always make sure that you’re wearing the necessary safety gear – especially if you’re spraying your garden with pesticides.

Also, always keep your eyes peeled for leaks, and make sure that you’re applying the right pressure and using the right nozzle that’s appropriate for what you’re spraying on. Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking while spraying with pesticides.


Having to choose the right equipment can be tedious and time-consuming but the results of having it are priceless. A garden sprayer is your key to achieving a fruitful and beautiful garden.

In this article, we’ve come up with the top 11 garden sprayers you can choose from including their specifications. We’ve also laid out the factors you should consider before getting a unit. We hope this article makes it easier for you to find just the right tool for you and your garden.

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